Old Haleians’ Association

Many Old Haleians comment that there is a special bond when they meet other alumni in life beyond school. There is a moral code and cherished memories that they share, connecting them for life. Once a Haleian, always a Haleian.

Upon graduating from һ, your son will become part of the Old Haleians’ Association (OHA) – a network of thousands of alumni of the School.

Through the OHA, һalumni are invited to reunions and social events, connected with mentors who are eminent in their chosen fields, and have access to a large and respected career network.

In recent years, a Young Haleians subgroup has developed within the association for alumni under 30 years of age. Special events and workshops are organised especially for them, while also being welcome to wider OHA events.

The OHA has chapters around Australia and the world to connect our global student community.

To find out more about the Old Haleians’ Association, please visit .

I’ll never forget, when I said the words ‘I go to Hale’ how his face lit up… there was a connection because it mattered to him that it meant so much to me that I was a Haleian and that he was a Haleian. That was my first encounter of something that was to stay with me for the rest of my life.

Media personality Basil Zempilas on meeting philanthropist and mining magnate Andrew Forrest

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